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Posted on 01-29-2014

Check out "Speaking of Health" my new page on Facebook. I'm finally getting the hang of this social media jazz. I hope you "like it" and return to it regularly to keep up with what's happening. 

My radio program has really great guests and I am getting a variety of health related personalities that are actually talking about HEALTH and not just some new drug or dope therapy from the medics and Big Pharma. Real healthcare is soo much more than a pill for every ill, or a drug for every bug (and the huge BILL that goes with it!).

Remember - True Health is a multidimensional activity affecting us physically, emotionally, mentally, unconsciously and spiritually, and as we raise our consciousness - which has nothing to do with one's intelligence - but does have to do with one's awareness - once we realize true health manifests itself on all these levels, our level of responsibility for ourselves and others increases. We then become a multidimensional HU-man - or a fully aware god-man going home to our Creator; leaving planet Earth for our true home in the heavens. We then realize that Earth is just a school and death, in fact, then becomes merely graduation to our true home, so we don't DIE so much as we ASCEND.

SO - listen to Speaking of Health on, the Health and Wellness Channel every Friday at 1:00pm Eastern, 10:00am Pacific.

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