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Posted on 12-17-2013

This Friday the 27th, we have Winston Price as our guest on Speaking of Health, my radio program on We'll be talking about consciousness and how that hooks us into the universe. Winston is a martial arts instructor and long time practitioner of a variety of martial arts. Each one has had an influence on who he is and how he is in the world. He is a great guy, I think largely because of his studies of the world as well as the martial arts.

When I speak of consciousness I define that as awareness made known. A rock can said to have consciousness I suppose, but how much awareness? However a blade of grass has consciousness because we can observe it  directly - it grows toward the sun, soaks up water and nutrients and so forth. In fact every living thing has a consciousness of some sort, because it has an awareness made known by its actions of life. 

Us humans, especially, have an ability for higher consciousness, expressed by abstract thought, altered states of consciousness, and in these altered states we can become aware of a much larger and richer level of awareness and hence consciousness. We can see the world in a much larger context and see connections previously unknown. We become aware we are more than our bodies. We become aware that we are multi-dimensional beings - physical, emotional, mental, unconscious & and spiritual. Our awareness expands into those levels and we begin to realize we are more what's looking back at us in the mirror. We begin to realize those realms are just as real as the one we see, hear, taste, etc. We can tell by direct experience that we are more than our body. 

When that happens we see that our actions influence the world around us just as much as the world influences us, if not more. We become aware that we are creators in our own right - after all - we were build in His own image. And so the world turns. 

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